Why You Should Use a Premium Welding Torch

Premium Welding Torch

Several times, when professionals, as well as DIYers are asked about the welding torch they use, most often, the common complaints that one hears are that although the torches get the work done, they do not last very long, they discovered that the cables of the torch are wearing out very quickly and the handles are breaking very easily, the welding torches are dying out in a shorter time or they are replacing the consumables several times in a day, which is both expensive and time-consuming.

These are very common problems faced by shop floor foremen and welding professionals. So, the question is, why do these problems occur and how can you overcome them? All these problems arise from the quality of the welding gun that is being used.

The most important factor of the welding gun is its build. Ideally, a high-quality welding gun is lightweight and should be easy to manoeuvre and control. The ball socket cable base of the welding torch is the main factor which contributes to the manoeuvrability of the gun. Typically, the welding gun should be equipped with an extended trigger which helps to relieve the pressure on the operator’s wrist. Another important factor to consider is the extended life of the consumables so that the operator does not have to change the tips several times in a day and changing them once in a couple of days is sufficient.

What Makes a Premium Welding Torch Different?

Most of the welding torches make use of base materials such as aluminium, copper and brass for their consumables. However, the thing that sets a premium welding torch from a standard one is that the consumables of premium torches are copper zirconium with silver plating, which makes them far superior to regular welding torches. The plating makes the tips of the torch more durable and long lasting. The nozzles of premium torches are also plated similarly.

Another factor that differentiates premium welding torches from standard ones is that they use lightweight but high-quality cables. A lightweight cable has several advantages and offers great comfort while relieving the stress experienced by the welder. Careful material selection and the crimping process of the strand of copper ensures that the cable is rated properly and it also offers reliable and solid connectivity.

Choosing a top-quality, premium welding torch can make all the difference to your welding process. Not only does a premium torch offer excellent performance and reliability, it also helps to enhance productivity and decreases downtime.

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