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truly mobile welding

Those of you who have dreamt for years that someone could conjure up a battery powered welder that could go anywhere without the need for a trailing power supply or generator, but never believed it could really happen – your dream has come true with the Lorch MicorStick & MobilePower unit.

Performance of this revolutionary set is fantastically smooth with plenty of power; whilst it is rated as a 160 amp unit, it can lay 4.0mm rods without any problems and thanks to the latest Lorch Micor inverter technology you can weld up to 28 electrodes in one battery charge!

Switch over to contact TIG and away you go with your compact bottle and valve TIG torch. Two inch stainless steel pipes 6mm thick can be butt welded from route run through to double cap and still have power in reserve.
The intelligent Li-ion ‘ACCUTECH’ battery built by Panasonic has indicator lights to keep you informed of how the how much charge you have left and can be recharged on either a 110V or 230V supply.

The MicorStick ‘ACCUREADY’ will filter out any fluctuation when being used on a generator and if you want to use this directly into a power supply then simply disconnect the battery and plug into the mains. The mains power does not have to go through the battery or charger.

To go the extra mile, Lorch has designed a brilliant backpack frame that enables you to mount both welder and battery units onto your back, grab your leads, electrodes and sandwiches and set off anywhere you like with Lorch right behind you!

The free 3 year Industrial guarantee is another great proof of confidence in the reliability of Lorch products so you can rest assured that you won’t be let down.

ESCCO have a demonstration unit available for potential users to try it for themselves and experience the quality of build and performance of this fabulous little welder; and to make sure you are not just dreaming. Contact us today for more information.

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