Safety Tips for Welding

Welding Safety Tips

The safety protocols in the welding industry have undergone a sea change in the last couple of decades owing to the scores of injuries that occurred in the workplace in the past. Today, worker safety has become a very important aspect of the welding industry. In this article, we will be discussing some of the important safety procedures that can keep you safe while welding.

Be Cautious about What You Breathe

Welding releases a lot of smoke, shielding gases and toxic fumes which can be quite hazardous to health, causing problems like zinc poisoning. This can make the workers less efficient, not to mention the related expenses such as insurance fees, medical expenses, etc.

It is extremely important to maintain proper ventilation in the welding area and if you are involved in very toxic welding processes, you must make use of respirators. Equipping the welding area with fume extractors and efficient ceiling ventilation, along with personal respirators will ensure that the air is clean and breathable and reduce the ill effects of the toxic fumes.

Beware of the Arc

One of the most dangerous effects of unsafe methods of welding is the arc flash, which can be avoided if proper welding protocols are followed. It is of utmost importance that you make use of a good welding helmet and safety glasses while welding. The lens shade of the helmet must be right for the material being welded and the welding process and you must ensure that you wear proper welding glasses under the helmet.

Wear Proper Shoes

A very important thing to take care is to wear proper shoes. Avoid wearing sports shoes, flammable shoes or any other kind of shoes which are not suitable for welding. These can catch fire if any stray spark from the welding lands on them. Leather high-top boots without laces and with heat-resistant soles are ideal and offer the best protection for your feet.

Keep Your Skin Covered

Apart from very high temperatures, the welding process involves infrared and ultraviolet radiations. So, during the process of welding, it is a good idea to keep yourself covered properly and ensure that no part of your skin is exposed. Wear long flame-resistant shirts and pants and make sure that you have your safety goggles and helmet on at all times.

Read the Manual

When you are about to start welding using a new machine, the most important thing that you must do without a doubt is to read the manual, which not only has instructions of how to use the welding machine properly but also has the safety information and procedures that must be followed.

Finally, as the person operating the welding machine, you are responsible for your safety and you must ensure that you don’t take unnecessary risks and you must follow the safety guidelines and take proper steps to ensure your safety.

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