Lorch Welders – Worth Paying The Extra For a Quality Welder

Auenwald near Stuttgart has been home to Lorch, the manufacturer of the most high-end and state-of-the-art welding machines for the last 60 years. Lorch engineers and manufactures small electrode welding units that are extremely portable, to units which are fully automated for use in varied industry and trade applications. And, the Lorch welding machines are manufactured in a production facility that is amongst the most technologically advanced in the world.

The world-class Lorch welding machines have been developed by a team of exceptionally skilled and “smart” people who possess the expertise required to engineer and develop intelligent software, superior processor technology and high-quality components which delivers technology that is beyond compare.

The Lorch welding machines are renowned for their speed and embody the Lorch belief that the welding process can be speeded up when the weld integrity and penetration is assured and the entire process can be used by anyone very easily. And only when this happens, can you achieve lean-welding processes without the preparation work and also the post-welding finishing, which are time consuming processes. And, in addition to the speed, the other most important aspect of the entire welding process that counts, is the superior quality offered by Lorch.

Lorch’s MIG-MAG process innovations enable your business to maintain reduced manufacturing costs by enhancing the speed of welding and also simplifying the welding process significantly, which results in improved productivity. The welding systems from Lorch offer the best-in-class quality along with speed and for this very reason they are called the “Masters of Speed.”

The SWIP (Smart Welding for Industry and Production) from Lorch offers your business the perfect tool that has a holistic and intelligent approach and if you’re looking for technology that is better than the best, then SWIP is ideal for you. SWIP enables you to produce smart and quick welding results that offer the best to your customers.

The R&D and the cutting-edge systems available at the LAC (Lorch Application Centres) help to create the ideal environment for testing that helps to perfect welding skills and also to develop the welding processes that are “future ready.” The testing under stringent conditions produces improved welding processes.

Lorch welding machines are used in industries worldwide and are among the best in the world. Lorch products offer the perfect welding solution for any kind of challenges faced by welders. The Lorch welding machine allows enhancing the long-term productivity and bottom line of your business.

Escco sell a range of MIG and TIG Lorch Torches & Welders. Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance.

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