Binzel MIG Welding Torches – MB EVO PRO Review

Binzel Welding

If you’re planning to buy a new MIG welding torch for your welding unit, then you could consider the MB EVO PRO welding torches from Binzel, which is a completely new concept in regard to the welding torch design and function.

Features of the MB EVO PRO

The MB EVO PRO offers greater control over your welding, thanks to its distinctive ergonomics, which allows you to feel one with your welding torch. The trigger design, position of the trigger and the ball joint construction, all guarantee ultimate comfort and optimum balance in all kinds of welding positions.

Although the MB EVO PRO is quite lightweight, it has a sophisticated design and the torch definitely sets new standards for durability and strength. The upgraded design, more robust fittings and more space inside the torch handle, offers greater ease of servicing.

The MB EVO PRO welding torches are air-cooled and are equipped with the lightweight BIKOK LW cable assembly that allows improved handling and it also reduces fatigue when the operator is handling the welding in torch in all welding positions. The reduced strain and improved handling have a measurable impact on the quality of the weld seam.

The material combination of the welding torches and the redesigned and upgraded cooling concept has increased the appeal of the MB EVO PRO welding torches. The enhanced front-end cooling helps to increase the service life of the parts and helps to realise the extra performance reserves which allow you to weld at power outputs that are very high.

Advantages of the MB Evo Pro Welding Torches

  • The torches offer a long and economic service life, thanks to the “MB” wear parts.
  • The “MB” wear parts along with the optimised cooling deliver maximum service life.
  • The 2-component of the handle of the torch is both ergonomic, as well as robust.
  • The tapered handle design of the torch and the trigger position allows precise handling.
  • The air-cooled welding torch has a unique geometry internally that allows you to get a cooler grip along with maximum strength.
  • The lightweight BIKOK LW helps to reduce the weight by around 34 percent.
  • The torches have a strong optimised central connector with a hose guide that is protected.
  • The simplified construction of the torch helps to repair the torch easily due to greater space available for maintenance.
  • The hoses are covered with a special protective fabric that offers high performance and also enhances comfort and flexibility.

The MIG/MAG torches MB EVO PRO are the ultimate torches offering the best handling comfort. The MB EVO PRO torches are indeed technology “fit” for professionals.

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