Advantages of Using Fume Extraction Torches

Fume Extraction Torch

The welding process produces a lot of smoke and fumes that can be quite hazardous to the health of welders if they are inhaled. A great way by which you can ensure the safety of the welders is by making use of fume extraction torches. A fume extraction torch helps to remove the fumes via the torch itself. While buying a fume extraction torch, there are few factors to consider such as:


While deciding on the fume extraction torch, you should you must decide on the one that is of the right size as this will affect the welding process. Most of the fume extraction torches available on the market are quite heavy and bulky due to the technology which has been added to the welding torch for fume extraction. This not only adds to the size and weight of the welding torch making it difficult for the operator to work efficiently, it can also cause fatigue when used for prolonged periods of time and may also cause injury. So, when buying a welding torch with a fume extractor, look for one that is lightweight and also has a thinner extraction hose that allows greater flexibility and handling.

Removal of Fumes at the Source

Several fume extraction welding torches available on the market do not remove the fumes produced during welding at the arc’s source. And, when the fumes are not removed at the arc source, they can enter the work area and can be a health hazard to the welder. Look for a welding torch that removes the hazardous fumes and smoke directly at the source of the arc without actually affecting the gas shield, as this is the best way to protect the welder’s health from problems caused due to the poisonous fumes.


Based on the number of welding stations you have in your workshop, you may either require a centralised fume extractor or a portable one and this really depends on the size of your work area and your budget. The type of fume extraction system would impact the type of fume gun required for your welding operation. For instance, for a central vacuum system, you would require a high flow gun, whereas, for portable systems where the air flow is much lesser, a low flow gun will be sufficient.

An efficient fume extraction system is of utmost importance and necessity in a welding operation as it is extremely vital to ensure the health and safety of you and your workforce working in the welding workshop.

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