Safety Equipment to use whilst using a Plasma Cutter

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Plasma cutters and plasma cutting table applications have permeated our lives and have become a very important part since World War II. Not only has the cutting equipment evolved but also the safety equipment and the importance of it while using plasma cutting machines. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic and important safety gear to use while using a plasma cutter.

Eye Protection: The plasma cutting arc can produce highly concentrated rays, flares, and fumes. Hence, it is of great importance that you use adequate eye protection gear like welding goggles or a face welding shield. This will help to protect your eyes from damage or getting burnt due to exposure to the rays.

Protective Clothing: It is very important to wear protective clothing when operating a plasma cutting table. The plasma arc can produce some visible as well as invisible rays that can cause damage to your skin. Wearing protective gear can protect you from these damaging rays. The plasma cutting system also generates a lot of voltage and an electromagnetic field. Wearing protective clothing can help to protect you from shocks and harmful sparks.

Shock Resistant Gloves: The plasma cutting system needs high voltage for operation and as the system runs, an electric circuit is generated around the working area, especially around the torch tip of the arc and the cutting piece. You can get quite a bad shock if you touch any of these parts or anything touching them and this can be very dangerous. So you must be extremely careful not to touch these parts when working with a plasma cutter. Wearing shock resistant gloves can minimize any damage in case you accidentally touch the workpiece when the plasma cutter is in operation.

Ear Protection: High level of noise is produced when using a plasma cutting system and in the long run can cause irreparable damage to your eardrums. Proper protection for your ears is an absolute must as the decibel levels can get pretty high, causing your ears to receive some heavy impact and sharp sounds which can be dangerous to the health of your eardrums. You must use earplugs to prevent harmful damage to your eardrum, which can even cause loss of hearing.

Footwear: You can also prevent shocks by wearing correct safety shoes or by standing on a dry mat when you are operating a plasma cutter. This will provide the required insulation and protect you from electric shock.

Plasma cutting tools can be quite dangerous if the right safety gear isn’t used while operating them. Ensuring that all the workers in the workplace use state-of-the-art safety gear should be of paramount importance so that work goes on without any mishaps whatsoever and so that the safety of all your workers is taken care of.

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