Hypertherm XPR300 Overview Review

Hypertherm XPR300

Hypertherm has been among the top manufacturers of laser, plasma and waterjet cutters since 1968 and the advanced cutting tools produced by the company is used in a variety of industries such as automotive repair, shipbuilding and manufacturing. Hypertherm is synonymous with reliability, quality and performance that has resulted in increased profitability for several hundreds of businesses. The company has launched a new class of plasma cutting technology known as X-Definition and this latest technology is available in Hypertherm’s 300-amp plasma cutting system called the XPR300.

The X-Definition plasma from Hypertherm combines HD plasma and technologically advanced processes to deliver excellent cut quality on stainless-steel, mild steel and aluminium. The various patented processes such as Vent-to-Shield technology, plasma dampening and VWI (Vented Water Injection) have resulted in producing squarer edges, reduced angularity and great finish on metals such as stainless steel and aluminium.

Features of Hypertherm XPR300

The XPR300 from Hypertherm works on the X-Definition plasma technology, which makes it much more efficient compared to any other plasma cutting system. The cutting of the XPR300 is much faster and the power utilisation is more efficient compared to the earlier Hypertherm systems. The XPR300 also offers improved piercing capability due to the increased power and the unique argon-assist cutting process that allows 30% greater piercing capability on mild steel and around 20% on stainless-steel.

The Arc Response Technology and the Cool Nozzle ensure longer consumable life and enhanced cut quality. The Arc Response Technology protects the consumables from ramp down errors, which increases the consumable life of the XPR by 3 times compared to the older generation systems.

The XPR300 is extremely easy to operate, despite being an extremely advanced system. The sensors enhance the system monitoring information significantly and help to deliver refined diagnostic codes, which helps to reduce the time for troubleshooting and also provides data proactively to improve the system uptime and optimisation.

The XPR300 has fewer consoles and connections for the operators to deal with so that they can spend lesser time for setting up the system and more time on the cutting itself. The EasyConnect feature of the system lets the operators connect the torch lead to the connect console very quickly without the need for any tools. And, the QuickLock electrode offers quarter-turn tightening that reduces the setup time further.

The Quick-Change feature allows the operator to change the torches with just one hand very quickly. All the consoles offer the autogas capability that enables the operator to choose and implement the jobs from the CNC directly using the WiFi so that they can monitor the system or multiple systems from far away.

The XPR300 from Hypertherm is a huge advancement in terms of plasma technology capabilities. It offers superior cut quality, faster cutting speeds, automatic system monitoring and intuitive feature which makes the XPR300 one of Hypertherm’s most advanced, innovative and productive plasma cutting system. The XPR300 is sure to open a huge range of prospects for businesses by providing superior cut quality, consistency and accuracy that is usually associated with laser cutting, but at much lower investment costs.

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