What to Look for When Buying a Lightweight Welding Torch

Welding Torches

While lightweight welding torches have several advantages and their construction makes them quite durable and long-lasting, often, lightweight torches are perceived as being weak by welders. Users feel that these lightweight welding torches have several problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the problems of lightweight torches and how these can be overcome.

Duty Cycle

This is a very important factor that affects productivity and if the welding torch is not being run at the proper duty cycle, then you will have problems. Most of the torches which are air-cooled have a 60% duty cycle rating i.e. out of 10 minutes, they can run for around 6 minutes. This is not really a problem if you make run the welding torch periodically in an hour. However, if you want to run the torch continuously, you will require a water-cooled torch that has a 100% duty cycle.

For a particular job, it is just as important to determine duty cycle as it is to determine the size of the wire and the amperage. If you use the wrong torch with the wrong duty cycle, this will result in problems with porosity and other weld problems. Also, if you push the torch beyond the capacity of its duty cycle, you will end up burning the torch.


Welding torches are usually made lightweight by removing several features For instance, the handle may be made of thinner plastic to make the tool lighter, but this also makes them more prone to breakage or damage. So, before you buy a welding torch, check the durability and ensure that the handle is made of sturdy plastic and is metal lined or metal plated that makes it more durable and resistant to shattering.

Manufacturers may make the welding torches with lighter and cheaper metals, which when used daily, expand and wear out more quickly compared to when you make use of tough and plated metals. So, it is important that you look out for torches made of strong materials which ensure that your torch will last for a long time.


A very important factor that determines the functioning of the torch is its weight. If the torch is lightweight and short, then this really relieves the user fatigue and pressure, especially if you are using the torch for prolonged periods of time. And, it is extremely important for the welder to be comfortable while using the torch. Look for a welding torch with features like ergonomic handles, ball-socket bases, etc. which eliminate stress from your hand and wrist.


Always buy a welding torch that can be repaired in case of breakage or damage. Torches having threaded nozzles, removable necks, etc. enable you to replace the parts in case they get burnt, etc. Also, look for a torch that allows you to repair the inner parts, instead of you having to replace the torch itself.

You should be able to replace any wires if they are burned or the handle in case it is cracked. A lightweight torch does not mean that it is meant to be a “use and throw” tool. You can save a lot of money by repairing the torch in case of any problems without replacing the torch entirely.

A lightweight welding torch can help to make your life significantly easier and also enhance your productivity. However, before you actually go out and buy a torch, it is a good idea to do your research and buy a torch that has the important features which will allow you to complete your jobs without any trouble.

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