Have you got the right drill bits?

After getting a brand new drill, the next step is to buy the right drill bits, or you may risk burning out the drill. The first step is to always check that you are using the right size and the right material. Most would stop at that, thinking that there is little difference between the drill bits you choose. However, using substandard drill bits can damage the drill and cut the life span of any drill. Hitachi is a decent, high quality drill, but even the best drills will burn out with inferior quality drill bits. In addition, would you consider putting twenty pound tyres on a Ferrari? Probably not. So, it isn’t wise to do the same with your power tools.

  • Steel bits are inexpensive and work for softwood, but dull quickly in hardwood.
  • High-Speed Steel bits are harder and stay sharper for longer.
  • Cobalt bits are commonly used for boring in stainless steel and other metals, they are exceptionally hard and disperse heat fast.
  • Black oxide-coated bits are designed to help resist corrosion.
  • Titanium-coated bits are harder and stay sharper for longer than HSS or steel bits.
  • Carbide-tipped bits are the most expensive, and stay sharper for the longest.

Here are some of Escco’s top tips:

  1. Choose your bits based on the drill manufacturer’s recommendations
  2. Choose bits which are compatible with the material you are drilling.
  3. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, maintenance and safety.

At Escco, we only sell Dormer, Bosch, Makita and Somta which are in order from high to medium range quality. The lowest quality, and of course cheapest (such as Faithfull, Linear, Bluespot and Black & Decker), are not available here as we promise to only sell products which pass a certain standard to avoid unhappy customers. We believe it’s best to invest a little extra if you expect better results.

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