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MIG Welding 101 – Most Popular Welding Process

MIG Welding 101

MIG welding has become quite a popular welding process in the recent years. However, to become affordable and sufficiently small for use by small shops and hobbyists, it took many years. Today, you can get MIG welding machines that are as small as a bread box offering plenty of power. The best part of the […]

Why You Should Automate Your Pipe Welding Process

Pipe Welding Process

As your fabrication business grows, you may be facing problems related to labour, productivity, etc. and one of the best ways to eliminate these problems is by automation of your pipe welding operations. So, when should you automate the pipe welding process? Here are some signs that indicate that your process needs to be automated. […]

Flux Cored Wire vs Solid Wire: When You Should Use What and Why

Flux Core

FCAW or flux cored arc welding and GMAW or gas metal arc welding are different welding processes with different characteristics that a welder must evaluate before selecting either of the processes for their welding job. To get the best results out of either of the processes, you must evaluate the various factors such as worksite […]

What to Look for When Buying a Lightweight Welding Torch

Welding Torches

While lightweight welding torches have several advantages and their construction makes them quite durable and long-lasting, often, lightweight torches are perceived as being weak by welders. Users feel that these lightweight welding torches have several problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the problems of lightweight torches and how these can be overcome. […]