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Identifying Damaged Consumables in a Plasma Cutting System: Part 2

Contact Tip Welding

In the first part of this two part series we took a look at how you can be proactive and identify consumables of your plasma cutting machine that are beginning to give way. We specifically took a look at the outer retaining cap, inner retaining cap and shield cap. In this second part, we’ll take […]

Identifying Damaged Consumables in a Plasma Cutting System: Part 1

MIG Guns Air-Cooled vs Water-Cooled

Over time and with constant use, the components and consumables of a plasma cutting system naturally wear out. This results in reduced quality and precision of the produced parts. Important signs that indicate a consumable requires change is when you notice an increase in the bevel edge, edge distortions and build-up of dross at the […]

Different Types of Grinding Discs

A grinder is a very versatile and useful device; however, can be dangerous too, thanks to the discs that are used along with it. There are many different types of grinding discs suitable for different applications and you must also consider a few factors before buying a grinding wheel. Types of Abrasive Wheels Aluminium Oxide […]

Choosing the Right Abrasive – Welding Supplies

Choosing the Right Abrasive

Today, most metalworkers and seasoned welders understand that the process of welding is much more than laying a bead to join pieces of metal so that the final product is created. The step of post-processing is required once the welding is completed, which varies according to the requirements of the end customer. Most often the […]

Importance of Contact Tips in Welding

Contact Tip Welding

The contact tip is a very important component of the welding gun and choosing the right contact tip for your welding applications and understanding how to maintain it so that it delivers the best performance is extremely important for producing a high-quality weld. Typically, the contact tip is the most frequently replaced component in the […]