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Choosing the Right Abrasive – Welding Supplies

Choosing the Right Abrasive

Today, most metalworkers and seasoned welders understand that the process of welding is much more than laying a bead to join pieces of metal so that the final product is created. The step of post-processing is required once the welding is completed, which varies according to the requirements of the end customer. Most often the […]

Importance of Contact Tips in Welding

Contact Tip Welding

The contact tip is a very important component of the welding gun and choosing the right contact tip for your welding applications and understanding how to maintain it so that it delivers the best performance is extremely important for producing a high-quality weld. Typically, the contact tip is the most frequently replaced component in the […]

Copper Vis-A-Vis Brass Welding Torch Diffusers

Copper Vis-A-Vis Brass Welding Torch Diffusers

Often, different materials are used both for welding torches, as well as their components and mostly, copper, brass or copper alloy is used depending on the applications. And, since there are various alloys and variations, it is important to understand what will work well for your specific applications. The most important factors to consider when […]

What to Consider When Choosing Solid or Flux Cored Wire

Welding Wire

While deciding on whether to use solid or flux cored wire, there are certain factors that you should consider. And, the factors to take into consideration are: Location You must consider the location where you will be welding when you select which method of welding you will use. Gas shielded flux cored wire or solid […]

Gasless Welding Wire Vs Gas MIG Welding Wire

Gas Welding

Often the question arises, which is better Gas MIG welding or Gasless? Firstly, MIG welding is one of the simplest and quite a popular form of welding and when done properly, produces excellent results. There are mainly 2 kinds of MIG welding – gasless and gas. Typically, gas welding requires an external shielding gas, while […]

Plasma Torch Consumables – Do They Need Replacing?

Hypertherm Consumables

Plasma Torch Consumables With time and use of the plasma cutting system, the consumables of the plasma torch undergo wear resulting in diminished accuracy and quality of the finished parts. Signs such as the build-up of dross at the bottom, distortion of the edges and increased edge bevel are indications that the consumables require changing. […]

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