Lorch Welders – Worth Paying The Extra For a Quality Welder

Auenwald near Stuttgart has been home to Lorch, the manufacturer of the most high-end and state-of-the-art welding machines for the last 60 years. Lorch engineers and manufactures small electrode welding units that are extremely portable, to units which are fully automated for use in varied industry and trade applications. And, the Lorch welding machines are […]

Acceptable vs Non-Acceptable Wear of Retaining Caps

Hypertherm Retaining Caps - HPR

The plasma cutting torch has many CNC consumables and to ensure that the plasma cutter consistently produces high-quality cuts, all the consumables must be maintained and in a good condition. The plasma torch contains 2 sets of retaining caps – inner and outer. Inner Retaining Cap The inner retaining cap helps to hold the swirl […]

Optimising Plasma Cutting CNC Consumables Use

Hypertherm Consumables

A very important aspect of any manufacturing or fabrication unit is to improve the efficiency and working of the shop floor. Speaking of a CNC plasma cutting unit, the objective of the process is to get high-quality parts efficiently and quickly. For this, it is very important that the material handling processes, the CAM nesting […]

Use of CNC Plasma Cutting in Metal Fabrication

Plasma CNC Consumables

Metal fabrication has been in existence for almost 7,000 years. In the past, metal fabrication was mainly a manual process and done with handmade tools; however, there has been so much of innovation in this area that metal fabrication and cutting processes have also become sophisticated and cutting-edge. The two processes commonly followed in the […]